September 14, 2021

What Is a Dream?

Christine Roychowdhury

Oil on CanvasLiving the Dream, 2021105 cm x 160 cm

I was born in Lancashire and studied Fine Art at Goldsmith’s College London graduating with a BA Hons in 1987. Following a divorce, I moved north to start afresh under the clear skies of Scotland. I look at work that is not normally regarded as important that has slipped through the cracks of history which has been predominantly dominated by male points of view. I am not designated as a feminist artist as my subject matter deals with universal topics and the exploration of character in the context of circumstance etc. However as a female artist from a working class background I have access to a female world I tend to look at issues and subject matter which come from that. Relationships and emotional pulls. Girlfriends and partners and the play of power. Aging and ageism. Time is an important element in all my paintings. Composition and viewpoint are important elements adding to the idea of a none static subject matter. Emotional connection is a vital element and I believe an art work should work on three levels firstly on a visual level then a visceral emotional reaction and on an intellectual level.