January 7, 2020

What is a body and what defines our reality, the fallen, the Cadaver, the cyborg?


Virtual RealityBirth of a Cyborg, 2019Can be any size. That is digitally required or physically possible.

The “Birth of the Cyborg” is the digital incarnation of the Promethean allegory, as Prometheus sculpted man from clay, will the future humans be reconfigured, or born within the digital landscape? The aim of this project is to promote and explore the convergence of 21st-century technology in the form of immersive virtual reality (VR) with a more traditional approach to art practice – with the aim of embodying notions of the classical with contemporary immersive and interactive technology. Hallidonto’s technique of drawing is the continuous line, with fluid and eloquent gestures I create these cyborg organisms. My VR work has a similar application of calligraphy, powerful strokes that embody a bold and powerful line, the simplicity of the composition evokes an ethereal space, the line and negative shapes compliment each other akin to the principles of Zen. I am interested in the Shodo style of performance calligraphy painting, the performative aspect, parallels my technique when using virtual reality to perform this piece, the performance itself becomes a visceral act the ability to use my whole body becomes cyborgian itself while using this equipment. I’m the creator, I’m creating a life form.