January 18, 2020

What if we were all the koalas of Australia?

Melissa Wright, 19

The idea of being in the place of another individual should be expanded. Let’s try to be in the place of a giraffe, an okapi, a piece of grass, a tree or a koala, let’s try to feel compassionate for our environment and understand, even if our natures are different, how our behaviour can impact them. If we can respect another human being with all his differences and originalities, why would it be different to respect our planet and all the living creatures? Before making an important change, we need to believe in a strong reason. This reason shouldn’t be only based on a sort of humanity ego-centrism which suggests we need to give our children a clean environment where they will not be afraid to swim in a contaminated ocean or to breath a carbon clouds while they are going to school. We should considerate nature as an entity, not a way to have a good quality of life or an assurance to not get a cancer, nature is all, it’s our home and our food. We need to respect it, as nature deserves it. Let’s not burn our home, we will not have the bricks to save it.

What if we were all the koalas of Australia?, 2020