November 15, 2019

What if there is more to me than ageing concrete and rustic walls? What if there’s more than meets the eye?

Megan Hunter, 21

The buildings people live, work or take a step in have a story to tell. They’ve stood throughout history and are filled with memories that no one can see. As the years go by the buildings rust and look less interesting, but they’re hidden story tellers within. At times I feel society portrays the same ignorance; we don’t always realise a person’s potential. We judge a book by its cover and fail to recognise the burst of individual colour within them that’s waiting to be released.

The soft psychedelic abstract feel of my work is the epitome of believing in possibility and a world full of colour. I wanted to show that a book’s cover tells nothing, creating the idea that it’s not about the ageing concrete and rustic walls that everyone identifies a building with, it’s the stories that lies within and so I used bright colours, infusing them together to create blends that show that burst of individuality and creativity. I want viewers to look at my paintings and feel a sense of happiness, possibility and fantasy so they build their own stories and recognise that we are all more than meets the eye.

Paisley London II, 2019Acrylic Paint & Fine Pen36 x 26 cm