May 20, 2019

What if the place you consider home no longer welcomes you?

Heather Palmer


The Lives Inside explores the question of home through the lens of horror fiction. The question of safety at home is one that people all over the UK are facing as the UK prepares to depart the EU. The authorities which will decide their fate are faceless, beyond their reach and completely disconnected from what they call home. Yet, they are powerful and domineering. I wanted to interrogate this presence in the lives of EU citizens living in the UK.

I hoped to portray the incredible power of community through this short story. The family are tested, brought to the very point of breaking, are divided by poisonous influence but they survive all of this to be united once again.

Horror is a powerful medium for exploring the worst of our societies and I worked to show the influence of insidious misinformation through the demon’s coercion of the boy. The Lives Inside shows that societies are not perfect, but they are strong enough to overcome adversity if they work together and can interrogate their own context, as the girl does in the piece. She looks at the world around her with questioning eyes and is the reason the family survive.

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