January 30, 2021

What If Everyone Could See His Inner Self Reflected?

Nellie de Noo

PaintingLightcode Self Portrait, 2020

Hello, this is Nellie and you are looking at my personal Lightcode, a reflection of my sparkling inner spirit.

I invite you to take a look at your inner self. Are you happy?

How are you living life?

Imagine a world filled with people living their pure beautiful self! My Lightcodes work on multiple levels, they invite you to reflect your inner self. Engaging with them can be challenging and rewarding. It can evoke a range of responses. Previous viewers have very emotional or physical reactions to them. Viewers always provided lively and varied responses, sparking them to debate and delve deeper into their own beliefs, thoughts and understanding of what they are seeing and experiencing. Others viewed them as an art piece and appreciated it’s free hand painted sacred geometry (without the use of measurements/instruments or computers).

While making Lightcodes I have felt on a personal level what this ancient knowledge of geometry and its frequency can bring and the many deep layers it presents to enrich, heal, question and transform oneself. Lightcodes are a combination of my knowledge of ancient cultures, human consciousness, (sacred) geometry, and my skills as an artist, a decorative painter and shaman.