July 29, 2019

What if a man took the place of a woman in a typical horror scene?

Kris J. Cummins, 26

I wanted to replicate the types of horror scenes where women are stalked and attacked but from the perspective of a male chauvinist.

Sexual harassment in most films is usually portrayed in horror films as a problem with women – they brought the problem on themselves and now they need to get over it. I strongly feel female sexual harassment is actually a problem with men, which is rarely portrayed in film. I chose to have the female lead shed her skin and become a monstrous looking creature as a way of having the male character somehow be confronted by himself – the ugly face of toxic masculinity many women face every day.

It’s crucial to analyse the way violence and harassment against women is portrayed in film as it helps shape the way society views and treats women. By putting a male character in such a scene both audiences and other filmmakers gain a more sober perspective on female harassment that hopefully invites greater self-examination and empathy in how we treat women, in real life and on-screen.

WOLF, 2019Film16:9