November 19, 2020

What hope do we have to preserve love of the natural world for childhood?

Jacki Reed

PhotograpyInnocence and Hope, 2020

It seems many children today are currently born connected to the cyber world. Babies with cellphones in their hands instead of toys. Toddlers focused on a screen from a very early age. This is the centre of their world focus and daily existence. Parents of today seen walking their children to school immersed on the phone in a cyber world instead of talking, connecting, and sharing the mysteries and joys of the natural world. All the thousands of digital images and predetermined ideas that fill the brains of children are taking place of curiosity, wonder, imagination, and innocence. We need to foster the love of the natural world in our young humans. Let them experience the forests and the sea. Be a part of innocent curiosity in the natural world. Simple things like a walk in the woods, having a conversation with a child, teaching them to build things with their hands. As adults in the lives of children, we need to help preserve the innocence of childhood, giving them a chance to discover that the planet we live on is physical, not the cyberworld. Take the children out to play, they will drink in the wonders of the natural world.