February 24, 2021

What Have I Done With My Life?

Peter Murray

Acrylics On Plywood.My Life At A Glance, 201824” x 34”

I have tried to illustrate in a series of time linked, small round pictures, the main events of my life all on a large acrylics board. This was a fascinating and at times, difficult process. It began with my birth and through early childhood, schooldays, family life, work days, hobbies, friends, relationships, children, dreams, painting, mountaineering and the journey towards the end of my life. I have learned a lot about myself, my weaknesses, abilities, my successes, my place in the world and on towards how I can live a better life. I think this is an essential process for anybody. I have also been painting my dreams and Scottish mountains, some of which are illustrated. These are all part of my life and have gone towards my main picture.