April 26, 2021

What Has Lockdown Made You Appreciate?

Anna Cummins

GouacheYou Must Stay Within Your Local Area, 202142cm x 29.7cm

This painting is about capturing the small details of my local environment to represent the feeling of appreciating the little things that many people, including myself, have experienced over the last year. I wanted to paint this in a whimsical style using a bright, cheerful colour palette to create a feeling of escapism and hope for the future. To create this painting, I collected research on several of my routine lockdown walks and combined them in an illustrative style inspired by David Hockney. Many young people have been romanticising pastoral life as a form of escapism which can be seen in the recent trend of ‘cottagecore’ which The New York Times described as a reaction to hustle culture and the advent of personal branding- a theme that greatly inspired my work. I think it is incredibly important in times like these to find some hope in the darkness and I wanted to convey that with my painting. Personally, lockdown has allowed me to pay attention to the natural beauty that surrounds me everyday and appreciate the majesty of the outdoors.