November 20, 2020

What has Corona taught you?

Freddie Thomas

Vinyl on canvasWe never knew we could shine in the Darkness, 2020184cm by 122cm

2020 has been a strange one, don’t you agree?! And we have definitely been riding the Corona-coaster with twists and turns I could never have imagined in January. Going into Corona, I often thought of myself as mentally weak, I never thought I could have coped in such a scenario, and while the TVs go on about the mental wellbeing of the public, I sit there thinking, “What about all these people that have truly shined during this shit show!” The down trodden still trying, the artists still creating, the retail staff still serving, the nurses still supporting, the office workers still working… for me, Corona has taught me so much. However, despite all these obstacles and restrictions, people still carry on, still move forward, still adapt and have still managed to make the most of things in such difficult times. It has taught me and shown me who has shone and unfortunately who has not. So Mister Rishi Prickie MP, “We never knew we could shine in the darkness… But we certainly have.” So this painting hangs on the wall unassuming, elegantly reflecting the light and all the twists and turns of Corona and wow, doesn’t it look beautiful!