May 8, 2021

‘What Has Been The Worst Part Of The Pandemic For You?’

Kara Rose

A5 Hardback Paper Book'What Has Been The Worst Part About The Pandemic For You?', 2021A5 - 14.81 x 21.01 cm.

What has been the worst thing about the pandemic for you personally?’ I asked this question to over 400 people. Each response was raw & painful. I wanted to create a realistic portrayal of the world we are living in and how difficult the last year has actually been. In a world where everything is edited on social media and people only post the ‘best’ parts about their lives, it’s very easy to forget that, that style of documentation isn’t realistic or accurate. One the reasons I wanted to create this book is so that I had something to look back on to remind myself as how much we went through as a society – as well as how badly our government failed us. I wonder in years to come what will be written in history books about this time? Will we romantics  pretend it was all learning dances and making your own bread? Will we forget how truly difficult it was to live day by day in lockdown? I want this to be saved and passed down to generations after us – so we learn from the governments fails and do not sugar coat this time.