April 30, 2020

What happens when you hold a curiosity for the everyday?

George Farrow-Hawkins | Holly Moffat, 24

Stop frame animationThe damp and the rat, 2018

The creation of this animation was our attempt to reinstate a curiosity with the world we inhabit. The rooms we occupy and the objects acquired over time lay witness to our everyday existence. In “The rat, the damp etc” the set as it were becomes the subject of the film. The flat is a meticulous recreation of one myself and my girlfriend lived in in the southside of Glasgow, complete with leaking plumbing and vermin infestation. The pace and focus of the film direct a care and sensitivity to the spaces we inhabit and attention is paid to the banalities of life. The meticulous recreation of our direct surroundings in miniature showed us how you can find wonder in what seems like the embodiment of mundane.