October 28, 2020

What happens when we turn our pain into power?

Megan Raine

Printed JournalSymjo – A Symptom Journal for Chronic Pain Conditions, 2020148 x 210mm

‘Symjo’ was born one evening as I lay awake, sore and frustrated with both my body and myself for not keeping a better record of my health. ‘Symjo’ is a symptom journal created to help others living with chronic pain and health concerns. It’s designed to track symptoms, appointment notes, medications and more. From my own experience with Endometriosis and as a graphic designer, Symjo was created from the heart with patients in mind. My goal was to create a design that is easy to use, without compromising on the aesthetics or content of the journal. It has received fantastic feedback from healthcare professionals who believe it will be an extremely useful tool for them too. I am launching the female edition in November, with plans to develop additional male and non-gender specific journals. Symjo aims to promote the value of self-care and to give Chronic Pain sufferers the power to truly advocate for their own health. It is so important to learn to take time out from our busy lives and to listen to our bodies – they tell us a great deal when we choose to listen to them. With this knowledge, healing and treatment can take place.