'Morning Fog And Walking On Painting', 100x100cm

My piece communicates the actual reality of our lives that has been taken out of its context and placed into a different environment. In this case a mixed media painting which has been created in a safe and clean studio space, has dramatically changed its atmosphere after being placed in a foggy field. Suddenly multiple meanings and connections appeared which may falsely represent the intended truth or idea behind the painting itself. I perceive this square format painting as a metaphor to the digital images uploaded to social media. We share pieces of our lives in form of images – photographs, giving space to ambiguity and multiple alternative meanings. Context of our lives has been changed, edited, cropped or left without caption. Suddenly the authenticity and trustworthiness of visual information shared online is being questioned. Is the lack of context shared online supporting the era of misinformation we live in? Susan Sontag said that photographs do not render reality – realistically, but it is reality which is scrutinised and evaluated for its fidelity to photographs (On Photography, 1977).