January 31, 2021

What Happens When We Carry The Weight Of The World On Our Shoulders?

Iona Ramsay

Bonnie's Backpack, 2020

This story attempts to understand the sometimes crippling pressure young people can feel having been born into a dying world.

Bonnie’s Backpack is a story about a wee girl with a massive heart (and an even bigger backpack). After setting off on a quest to fix all the world’s problems, Bonnie finds that her bag is getting heavier and heavier, until it eventually breaks.

But in the end, Bonnie finds that the best way to help save her beloved earth is to start with the littlest thing, and go from there. Written in modern Scots dialect, Bonnie’s Backpack at its heart is a story about climate change, and particularly how it feels to be a young person brought into a world that is facing a climate emergency.

Eco-anxiety is something that affects adults and children alike, and this story is a reminder that when we attempt to fix everything all at once, we often fix nothing; and that sometimes helping in a small way can make a big difference.