December 3, 2019

What happens when a group of students with no money and no studio come together and create a mad Scottish Sci-Fi Audio Adventure?

Eden Luke McIntyre, 22 | Eden Luke McIntyre, 22 | Reuben Burgess, 22 | Harriet McNaughton, 21 | Michael Hasan, 22 | Sina Ohlandt , 23 | Natalia Nisbet, 21

In early 2019, myself and a small group of like-minded creatives in Stirling decided to create an original sci-fi comedy radio series titled ‘Jettisoned’ – we had no budget and no studio, but we had equipment and talent, and subsequently created our own studio space in our city-centre flat. I wrote the five episodes and we gathered friends to record the dialogue. Reuben Burgess edited the project and we released it for free online, with Stirling City Radio shortly afterwards becoming interested and aired it weekly on their station. Shortly after, 45 Media in Glasgow took notice and released our episodes on Spotify, iTunes and various other platforms. We’re now trying to share our project as far as possible to show what can be achieved by dedicated creatives, so please enjoy Episode One! – Eden Luke McIntyre, Writer and Creator of ‘Jettisoned’ ‘Jettisoned’ follows the misadventures of Art (Eden Luke McIntyre) and Pell (Harriet McNaughton), disgruntled Scottish Space Satellite Operators, as they explore Space, moan about things that don’t matter, and have zany encounters with a series of bizarre characters, including Clive the Computer (Reuben Burgess), a furniture-flogging stowaway (Michael Hasan) and a sinister Job Centre Interrogator (Sina Ohlandt).

Jettisoned: A New Sci-Fi Comedy For Your Ears (Episode One), 2019Radio/Audio