January 5, 2022

What Happens to Us When the Bees Go?

Davie Nettleship | Danny Kearney, 60 | Derek Quinn, 59

When the Bees Go, 2021

The tragic reduction of the bee population and that of other pollinators is a sad consequence of the climate emergency and other destructive acts of humans. This song has the refrain ‘ when the bees go we go’ attributed to Einstein meaning that man’s time on earth will depend on the survival of the bees. Other disastrous events such as uncontrollable fires, the beaching of whales, climate related famines, and inexplicable flooding are already a warning of future catastrophes ahead. Climate change is a reality that has the most dire of consequences. The loss of our meadows and woodland is a disaster, and this songs brings that all to mind, with a beautiful melody that delivers the strongest of warnings.