January 29, 2021

What Happens To The Ones We Leave Behind?

Pauline Harkin

ScreenplayRapture, 2020

Growing up in a small working class town often creates a small town mindset.

When you are 17 and planning your future it can be hard to see the world as your own, and realise that you are good enough to be in it. The death of a teenager just as his life is supposed to be beginning is harrowing but it also creates a community of the ones that are left behind.

The huge issue of young people’s mental health is why I created this script as I wanted to show the aftermath and the devastating path that suicide creates.

My focus was to portray how one death can ricochet and affect the mental health of others in turn. Sometimes grief feels like the end of the world and leaves us with nothing to do but try to pick up the pieces. I want it to raise awareness of how great the impact of suicide is on the communities left in mourning. I think it is important that we face the reality of what poor mental health can create.