FilmBeneath, 2019

Our shadows are part of us and extend out into space in distorted ways depending on the light and where they fall. Sometimes they are tall and thin, or blurred, or fragmented or faintly existing as they blend with the surface beneath us, and in a larger landscape, to become part of our imprint on the world. They move as we do in our idiosyncratic uniqueness which can fascinate when manipulated. Yet when there is no light source they disappear, though perhaps, something of our shadow still remains as a testament to our journey through space and time. Civilisations, empires, individuals rise and fall away, are born and die, yet an imprint is left behind with a legacy that might be significant or tiny. Whatever the legacy or memory, it is like a shadow fading in and out of existence. Exploring this concept has meant experimenting with how to separate the shadow to become an entity seemingly existing by itself. To be left behind to mix and mingle with the shadows of others who have previously cast theirs and to join those yet to come. It is that deeper connection which lies beneath the surface that ultimately brings me peace.