January 13, 2019

What happens to a sexual assault survivor’s self image after an assault?

Rhiannon Gray


“Self Care, Self Tear”, 2018 is a work which considers the way sexual assault survivors view their bodies and the difficult relationship with self image that survivors endure after an attack. As a sexual assault survivor myself, I understand the extremities of hatred felt towards ones self after an attack, the self blame, self doubt & denial – after my own attack I began self harming and entered self destruct mode. These emotions are subject to social conditioning and victim blaming which I was also subjected to as a survivor. Never the less, with consideration and self care, we begin to love our skin, and realise that our misfortunes are not the fault of our own, but the fault of the predator and our societal structure which stands in favour of perpetrators.

Self Care, Self Tear
Gloss print, caution tape
16.5 x 23.4


I am an interdisciplinary artist and light-worker, I illuminate the issues created by humanity, and inflict positive energy towards societal changes.