soundtrail, 2018

My songs are composed without a set idea in mind. I use a variety of programs and processes to create the completed song ( in this case, a soundscape), and it is done when I feel that I have, like de Kooning, “painted myself out of the picture”. While I have no preconceived idea about how a song should sound, I am trying to capture a certain sort of memory. I have always been struck by the feeling I have in the moment of just forgetting a dream I’ve woken up from. Something that can be so clear at first, then quickly fades away, and still leaves a strong impression that remains with me.

The computer programs I use allow me to set processes in motion that I am not completely in control of. When it works, the end result can sound self-generating. I begin with a simplicity of inputs and challenge myself to use the software in ways I am unfamiliar with to achieve a variety of sounds and tones.

This use of technology allows me to develop that feeling of emerging from a dream; something in your peripheral vision, that captures your attention and leaves you feeling changed.