October 31, 2020

“What happens if you decide to tell instead of show in a film?”

Conor Molloy

Nature, Nurture, 2020

Writing a monologue driven piece is always an experiment when it comes to filmmaking. Exposition is typically to be used sparingly, but when writing Nature Nurture, I wanted to question this convention. I felt there was no other way to tell this story but through monologue. I crafted a character that although was narrating her own past, was also unwittingly revealing a side to herself that couldn’t be hidden, the side that Carl Jung describes as ‘the shadow’. My character Laura is economically successful, but lacks any kind of social progression. By making Laura the businesswoman behind a thriving brand of organic jam, I was able to apply Jung’s theory to both the social and commercial elements of her life. Much like the dynamic between the ego and shadow, I created drama from the clear contrast between Laura’s love of plants, with her inability to nurture healthy human relationships. 2020 has been a time of mass alienation and distance, and I feel now more than ever, there is great potential in using the oral tradition in conjunction with digital technology to forge cinematic narratives that feel fresh and authentic.