Clay, Found Materials, FilmEmpty Your Mind, Go up to Your Waste in the Sea, 2021

My studio practice uses natural drawing techniques, sculpture, photography, and film as means towards exploring humankind’s neglect of the natural world, such as plastic pollution and climate change. Often using found materials and digging wild clay, my creative processes acknowledge the environmental impact of materials, as I feel that is the responsibility of a contemporary artist living in the Anthropocene. In recent works, the human form has been a significant element of my artwork, as I inflict the struggles of living in a contaminated habitat onto the sole reason that there are global warming and plastic issues: humanity. I use the human head as a symbol for our lifestyles, the way that we think, and by physically placing the sculptures into our environment I highlight the notion that it is our lifestyles that mistreat our surroundings. Due to studying from home, I use local locations in Kilcreggan, such as the beach and woodlands, as a source of inspiration and to photograph my creations – my art is complete when it is documented in a specific site.