November 14, 2020

What goes on inside your head?

Kirkwood Brothers

Mixed mediaTotally Bananas, 2020

We are Glasgow-based artists whose work often revolves around neurodiversity and mental health in an effort to dispel related stereotypes. Working collaboratively as brothers, we create art through conversation, re-capturing the popular culture from our childhood. Humour is a central vehicle to our practice, allowing us to express our personal experiences of depression and disability. Much of the content of our work is still taboo among communities in Glasgow: disability, mental health, suicide. Though our work might at first appear naive, it performs as a vehicle for conversations about these topics to unravel. In this particular piece, a brick is placed on top of a Stretch Armstrong toy. He’s stretched to the limit and being stopped from returning to his normal shape by the weight of the brick. The weight symbolises many things. Depression, anxiety, disability and the society we live in. It’s a constant battle between the two objects.