July 31, 2020

What goes on behind these doors?

Ricky Houston, 63

What goes on behind these doors? My imagination  is ignited when I look at these buildings, here in the street surrounded by it,  we humans have made it , we live here and how exciting everything is, in  constant movement. The scene is changing from moment to moment. I want to bring that into the painting,  speed,  raciness, how the sky moves and convulses, how the buildings seem alive through my imagination. Cars pass through like we pass through, fast and fleeting but the buildings remain, the trees are the sole living thing in sight that remains after we are gone. I feel the history, not as bland dates and sentances but rather full of passions, obsessions, dramas played out, all the vices and the virtues too, but with a lean to the vices, acted out in a mixture of posh and working class accents and hidden for the most part behind these doors.

Edinburgh new town city street, 2020Acrylic on hardboardH. 51cm W61cm. Depth 0.2cm