I BLEED, 2020

Apart from taking the viewer on a journey through a red landscape, I BLEED aims to address the human condition in all of its glory. Ideas of welcoming our inner “demons” and dragging our “corpse into a foreign dimension” nod to the intense waves of sadness and anxiety that many people feel as they grow into a more conscious, developed person. Although these dark periods of doubt and sorrow are painful, they can lead us to the “twinkling rose garden” where beauty and revelation flourish. I BLEED also highlights the feeling of one’s mouth being “pegged shut” and aims to help alleviate the suffering of control and censorship that many people experience. Overall, I BLEED is the embodiment of my need to understand the values that drive our actions and form our beliefs. In the material world that we live in, mental health is often degraded by the shackles of perpetual capitalism. As mental health is a huge issue and mysterious concept for many people, I BLEED aims to connect people with their inner landscape and reflect on how our desires and emotions affect us every day —challenging the belief that our “weak” moments should be hidden.