January 18, 2022

What Fills Your Dreams to the Brim with Fright?

Laura Modica

Painting, Acrylic, GessoWhat Fills Your Dreams to the Brim with Fright?, 20217x7cm up to 20x20cm Canvases

I love to explore my drawing and painting abilities/art and that means pushing my skills to create imagery that I wouldn’t normally find beautiful. I find that as humans, we often shy away from any feelings of fear, pain, anxiety and when it comes to the horror genre, we have a choice to either chose to be scared and run or face what we are feeling head on, and this for me, creates very compelling imagery that you scrunch your face at because it makes you feel uneasy, but it draws you in and makes you stare just that little while longer. Personally, to me, this shows that even something as unpleasant as a horror icon (such as Pennywise or Coraline’s The Other Mother), can still become a beautiful piece of artwork to be loved and enjoyed by others, although the character isn’t very pleasant. Art is very subjective and can be manipulated and interpreted in many different styles and forms, and that’s why I am proud to call myself an artist.