January 19, 2020

What face do you want me to wear today?

Kira Foster, 19

This piece, created with pen and pencil, is aimed to depict modern society’s relationship with mental health issues. The question posed: ‘What face do you want me to wear today?’ aims to provoke thought in the viewer, by highlighting two of the leading causes of disability in the UK – depression and anxiety. I have chosen to create a piece of art surrounding this topic as I feel it is very current in today’s society. The idea of the face being split into different sections and facing opposite directions aims to emulate how someone with mental health issues may feel like they have to ‘wear a mask’ when facing the public, disguising how they truly feel, which can be exhausting. These multiple directions also act as metaphor to show how mental health is not necessarily simple and easy to follow, which is reflected in the multiple features placed in seemingly random places. This also shows lack of knowing and identity within the person. The piece is monochromatic, which again acts as a subtle contradiction to the meaning of the piece: black and white is straightforward, whereas mental health issues, especially in society today, are not.

What face do you want me to wear today?, 2020Graphite pencil, charcoal and marker pen24cm by 28cm