April 29, 2021

‘What Experiences, Thoughts And Emotions Do We Share?’

Adam Lee

MusicThere Is No Time Or Space, 2021

On 16th March 2020 the U.K. was plunged into a lockdown which saw us spend a lot of time at home, alone with our thoughts and experiencing many emotions; sadness, anger, hope. For some, this last year has been traumatic, but we all have something in common from the experience of this pandemic and so my composition explores the theme of our connection as humans. This piece represents my thoughts, feelings, and emotions during what was a challenging year for me, as it was for many people. I often felt emotionally numb, and like time was standing still as when we experience loss, our feelings, thoughts, and the time passing can seem like abstract concepts and so the title represents the feeling of time being irrelevant when experiencing deep sadness. I hope listeners can find something to relate to in this piece, as we have all been through the last year and experienced the same restrictions. I also hope that in some way, it provides closure, catharsis, or support and promotes the discussion of our mental health – we are never truly alone with our thoughts, feelings, or emotions. (Thanks to Sasha Freemind for the cover image).