July 26, 2020

What Else Do You Do?

Ryan McGoverne, 44

A portrait of Ross Wilson. Ross is an award-winning Scottish poet who also works full-time as an NHS auxiliary nurse in a Glasgow intensive care unit. I wanted to capture not only the pressure wounds caused by prolonged usage of PPE, but also the weariness on his face from working throughout the pandemic. The clenched fist references both Ross’s past as a national champion boxer, and his present as an anti-violence poet. The backdrop of books indicating his life as a passionate reader, writer and thinker. We so often speak of the arts as if they are separate from other human endeavours, but most artists wouldn’t survive without a day job. And layered life experience and exposure to a wide range of other people in turn deepens and enriches what an artist can create.

Ross Wilson, 2020Acrylic on canvas50X60cm