May 7, 2019

What effect will the development of feminine AI have on girls?

Louise Reynolds, 20

The rapid development of artificial intelligence in recent years has spanned from the AI Sofia becoming the first robot to present to the UN and become the citizen of a country, to the first AI sex dolls being manufactured. As the woman becomes increasingly roboticised and pre programmed for majorly male pleasure, there spawns a fear of elimination of the societal and social purpose of real women. When watching these developments unfold on the news, I couldn’t help but wonder who chose the worlds most developed AI’s makeup choices for the day? and why she had to sport a rouge lipstick to be presentable? When it could have been formed to look like anything imaginable. Through this concern I imagine a future in this painting where the young girl is directly affected by the proliferation of artificial women in popular culture. I see an escalation occurring to the point where online it will be impossible to differentiate between manufactured and biological humans. Today we have the female personas of Alexa and Cortana advising us in our everyday lives, but tomorrow, who will advise the next generation of girls growing up alongside this shift?

Louise Reynolds makes large scale figurative oil paintings based on the underlying narratives of current news events. Riffing from major cultural stories like Brexit and the American Presidential situation, she distills these stories down to their underlying themes of power, abuse, and human resilience by not using any of the canonistic images associated with these events by dismissing photographic reference, which gives her compete visual freedom. By taking the time to labour over a painting based on a news item that will be published and forgotten within a day she addresses the hyper saturation of information in our current culture. She mimics this sense of the overwhelming in her complex compositions and vibrant palette, especially in the use of artificial colour. Her use of figure is a forceful vehicle to express her current ideas, despite the narrative aspect not being immediately obvious. In this she encourages the viewer to pause and contemplate the works, and resists a single reading through varied imagery.

Artifical Femtelligence
Oil on canvas
2m x 1.5m

Find more of Louise’s work on her website here.