January 19, 2020

What effect does touch and intimacy have on our relationships and connections?

Amy Dare

FilmAmbiguous Touch, 2019

My work explores human connection and relationships. Specifically, I wanted to consider how my experience as a lesbian has moulded my personal relationship with physical contact and my reliance on verbal communication to navigate my relationships. Growing up I developed a fear of platonic touch as I was afraid of how I would be perceived. I became hyper aware of the physical space my body filled and did not allow myself to take up space in order to accommodate homophobia. This video piece examines moments, usually fleeting and insignificant moments, that I distinctly remember. Moments in which I have felt the effects of touch long after it’s happened. All of these seemingly unimportant moments have had an impact on me and I wanted to finalise them in video form as they are in finalised in my mind. The film was made using acetate and light to create shadow – which I hoped would give a warm but ghostly tone to the piece.