February 1, 2019

What effect do borders have on our journey through life?

J Macdonald, 20

The path my life has taken has seldom been stationary. I have been abruptly set on an unexpected course many times in the short 20 years of my life. Having lived in England, Wales and now, finally Scotland, I am reminded daily by my beautiful surroundings on the Isle of Scalpay in the Outer Hebrides that the unconstrained freedom I have is a blessing.
I had the freedom to escape adverse surroundings and liberate myself from the depressed and limited existence that I felt trapped within. I had the freedom to cross borders to a new place, in the country of my ancestors and family, in order to build a better life.
In the current world it feels as if the constriction and prevention of freedom is becoming ever more popular, as binary opinions on nationality cause unrest and build walls between humanity.
This piece is about my journey through life, represented by the meandering light, finally shining brightly and pausing to reflect, signified through the reflections of the clouds upon the water. Whilst also commenting on the fortuitousness of my ability to be freed of my prior life, an option that many may no longer share post-Brexit.


Wandering Light
Giclée Photo Rag Fine Art photography print

I am an abstract landscape photographer working under the artist name OUTWARP, based in the Outer Hebrides. The technique used to create my unique style of photography is ICM (intentional camera movement) which to me is a modern and exciting way of producing landscapes that visually remind me of my favourite style of landscape painting, impressionism. ICM can encapsulate the impression a landscape gives out, by using its own light to create an abstracted impression of itself.