November 30, 2018

What dynamics exist between the social and physical urban landscape?

Claire McGinlay


We are controlled by spin. Our phone becomes our chip. We are “woke” but still feel helpless to affect change. My work questions how the surreal and uncanny world of online eeks its way into our reality. Imagery has become an icon and fetishism that rules over written word. Like anything though, there are two faces to online. Campaigns like ‘Me-Too’ have created outstanding shifts in societal attitudes. But there remains the vulgar issues of fake news and data protection- a pool of unknown torment. There is a feeling of pure self involvement about being online that forces me to question if we are eradicating community? Or has community simply evolved?
Perhaps it is fitting then that current parties are in power. A party that remains rooted in the ideals of putting self first; of personal gain- where the strong win and the weak loose.
Or maybe I am fear mongering. I am the fear mongerer.
I am making the point that we all have an effect on the identity and reality of each others’ lives. No matter how cut off and individualist we become- our society will continue to evolve as a cause of our actions.


Title : A Social Landscape
Medium : Mixed Media on Aluminium Board
Dimensions : 1250mm x 1250mm x 30mm