November 29, 2019

What does your family taste like?

JJ Jorn, 35

2012 may have proposed a pseudo-apocalypse, but it was only a consciousness shift. Mine was a shift from meat consumption into being vegetarian. This strangeness had phased my views drastically, watching my body go though a ridiculous process. Because I cannot imagine becoming a meat free person, as I love the taste, smell and satisfactory. This brief biography is vital to my art. This diet made me sympathise with sentinel creatures, who are unfairly murdered for humans’ unchanging habits. This notion became a voice, later, a combined resource to develop a film-(uninterested and unsupported by any organisations). My solo production reflects heavily on the perspectives of innocent creatures culled for their (birth-rights) skin, flesh and organs. Story perspective 180 degree where humans are being culled for exact same reason by a vengeful butcher. Carrying out same methodologies of animal deaths upon the human meat junkies. My proudest moment of this feature without a budget is not the film but the complete change of diet from actors after reading my script. Therefore I know this feature has potential of human evolution.

Meat Junkies, 2016Film640x350