PoetryTight Wad, 2010

It is my view, sharing, whether it be some casual or friendly banter, a beneficial Idea of sorts, a bit of useful advice, returning a favour without gripe, or even sharing a drink is a great ways of cementing a common bond. The latter two in my view as a sociable man and a Scot is the perfect example that shows up the measure of a man. But how would you view this man when he wont return a favour in kind … I have a relative who has this trait. But I accept his ways, because in the end we are all of different mindsets. Some of us have a greater sense of self preservation than others-others are more eager to share what they have with others, whether they be a stranger or a friend or even a foe . Sometimes we just need to laugh it of and accept them for what they are…A miserable tight-fisted skinflint.