January 4, 2019

What does the story of Life of Pi teach us?

Charlotte Carey


I find Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’ to be one of those stories that requires a second thought, we may feel we understand it at first but the symbols and themes of Life of Pi once analysed have impacted my own life. Life of Pi tells the story of a young boy in a shipwreck who must do whatever he can to survive. He remains faithful in his beliefs and holds onto them in difficult times, although the main theme of ‘will to live’ overpowers him as he goes against his vegetarianism in order to survive. From what Pi faces, it seems impossible that he would survive yet he claims his faith is the reason he overcame the dangers he faced. What I take from Life of Pi is the fact that when times are rough and it seems impossible to find a way out, you should always have faith in your beliefs or hold onto whatever strand of hope you can. It is the story of Life of Pi that reminds me that the world is wide and there is so much to see. It is an inspiring tale of strength, faith and personal growth that urges me to fully live everyday.


Faith in Life of Pi
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