November 9, 2020

What does the North East of Scotland mean to you?

Erin Smith

FilmFan Wi Gaed To Keep Hoose At 'Hillies', 2019

I created this film to express the love that I have for my birth place, heritage and family. It brings to life a doric poem,written by my Great Granny when she looked after my grandparents house. It shows the stunning location, the unique local tongue of the North East and represents the fun that should surround family life. It is important because everyone has a culture and a family that shouldn’t be taken for granted. I have also noticed, when interacting with others, that the Doric dialect is slowly dying out as is not being spoken by the younger generations as much – it needs to be restored. I believe my film gets people talking about the doric words and phrases that are used within it but also acts a reminder that this is our native dialec and we should use it. I also think that the film gives off a warm and couthie vibe which makes people consider what is important about their lives.