September 5, 2019

What does the city do to the individual?

Ollie Turbitt, 20

This poem was written across the first few months of the last academic year, as a local student who had finally moved into the centre of Edinburgh. I grew up just south of Edinburgh, but moving out of my family home and into the city brought a mixture of newfound excitement and underlying anxiety – a common, if not universal, feeling shared by any university student. Using stream-of-consciousness techniques to better understand my new surroundings and lay them bare, ‘Everything, Nameless’ attempts to draw the reader into my anticipation, discomfort, uncertainty and discovery. On top of these internal themes, I wanted to explore the topography and atmosphere of Edinburgh itself whilst continually reacting them back to my own thought process. What resulted was, I hope, a poem which explores my individuality as well as providing a relatable context for people of similar situations.

Everything, Nameless, 2018Poetry