What does Recovery Mean?, 2020

Currently, one in four of us will experience mental illness in our lifetime. That is a quarter of the population that will be affected by their mental health. I am part of the one in four. I know and work with many who are. After recovering from an eating disorder, I found myself drawn to mental health. I am currently self-funding my doctorate in counselling psychology and volunteer as a counsellor. I live and breathe mental health and find that has been an important component on my own journey into recovery. Reflecting on my own experience and that of my clients, I found myself wondering what exactly does recovery mean? Is it a structured path to follow? Can someone truly define what recovery means? Or is it defined by the individual? For many, recovery is something to strive for, to hope for. For me, the word recovery conjures a mixture of thoughts and feelings. But what does recovery mean for other people affected by mental illness? This is what I decided to explore and show in this piece. These are the answers by some of the one in four.