October 23, 2019

What does ‘perfect parenting’ look like?

Amy B. Moreno, 35

There is so much external pressure on parents, particularly mothers, from when they start trying to conceive, until their children are grown. A lot of the advice given is well-meaning, but it is conflicting and exhausting. We set this amongst the capitalist strive for ‘success’ and perfection, filtered social media posts on parenting, and I believe we have an unsustainable situation. Parenting is not a game to be won. There are aspects of modern childhood which are arguably better (child mortality and safety) or worse (less time spent unsupervised outdoors) than that of previous generations. And these are the important discussions we should be having. Children are not perfect, and neither are parents – we should aim to mostly do our best, and at times accept that doing enough is exactly that – enough. We should look at the Big Questions together. I wanted to present my view as an accessible poem which is hopefully relatable as well as being humorous in parts. Ironically, it is my low-key contribution to the unsolicited advice all mothers will receive.

Unsolicited Advice, 2019