February 26, 2020

What Does Mental Illness Look Like To You?

Victoria Pender, 21

‘You seem fine to me’ – This is something that people with mental health issues are tired of hearing. What does it look like to not seem fine? You can’t put a face on mental illness. This self-portrait is a digital drawing. It represents a time in my life where getting out of bed seemed pointless but through art I managed to break through my anxiety. The facial expressions and scale in this artwork are significant to the timeline of emotion. The smaller figure is a depiction from the start of a panic attack and the larger figure shows a calm expression. The calm figure is larger than the panicked one due to the fact that every attack/episode comes to an end and there is light at the end of the tunnel. The soft purple wash over this drawing is representing a strong aura. This particular aura symbolises soul cleansing, healing and the ability to overcome obstacles in life. I am a very spiritual person and I strongly believe that by keeping in touch with your inner being you can become stronger and shine. Take care of your mind and take care of your soul.