September 12, 2021

What Does It Take To Create a Familiar Place?

Alexandra Graure

PoetryOde to My Honeysuckle, 2021

I find it fascinating how humans can stock up memories only to revive them involuntarily at different times and places. Of course, this idea alone can be branched out into many equally fascinating topics but what interests me is the role that these “locked-up” memories play in a situation where one feels the need to create a familiar setting. For me, the need to have a sense of familiarity was perhaps more acute due to my relocation overseas but I couldn’t have known or even guess that the mental associations I used to make as a child vis-à-vis a flowering plant that was ever present whilst I was growing up can produce such powerful emotions. It’s as if I am constantly carrying a mental picture of an idealized world in my head, one in which nature and humans are one and our well-being and sense of belonging depend entirely on this impalpable harmony between the two. And because I see plants and flowers in particular as the epitome of beauty, I could not find a better medium to sing my praise than that of poetry.