March 16, 2021

What Does It Sound Like Inside Your Head?

Lauren Gilmour

Experimental SoundscapeBreathe In, 2020

’Breathe In’ is a short form, spoken word soundscape. It explores how we express ourselves internally and externally when we are under pressure and highlights how polarising these experiences can be; we might say very little but feel an overwhelming reaction inside. The sonic world of ‘Breathe In’ uses the human voice to represent the inside of my brain; how it processes information, uncomfortable questions and harboured feelings in the confines of a therapist’s office. I am fascinated by the interplay betweenour internal and external dialogue and how it can result in physical manifestations of distraction, panic or anxiety. Lauren Gilmour is a producer and sound designer from Glasgow. After graduating from her Commercial Music degree with a First, she established Novasound studio; Scotland’s only female-run recording studio. As a composer and sound designer, Lauren’s experience ranges from theatre (National Theatre ofScotland, Stellar Quines, Birds of Paradise, Imaginate) to film and commercial media (Greenlight Creative, Fittings (Liverpool), Tidy Carnage). Lauren has just completed her Master’s in Sound Design and Audiovisual Practice at theUniversity of Glasgow. The course has inspired her to follow her fascination with the human voice by creating experimental soundscape work that centres around it.