Short FilmTraverse, 2021

In 1956 Guy Debord published “The Theory of the Derive”, an activity which called for groups to drop their course of action and navigate urban landscapes in new and alternate ways. The word ‘Derive’ coming from the French ‘to drift’. The concept of drifting is one with many conflicting implications, drifting to sleep, being a “drifter”, driftwood; relaxation, idleness, being washed up. This film takes a look at the experience of drifting through the lens of the experience of neurodivergence. Drifting is not only a love of mine, but my default mode. Constraining myself to work in a system at odds with my nature is a stressful and exhausting process. Using fragments from a collaborative reading circle I drift along this video, trying to reconcile my feelings with an existence that feels fleeting and out with the experience of others. Extracts of prose connect unconnected works to form spaces and relationships between both the works and the readers. Ebb and flow are smoothly running their course. With excerpts from “Rethinking the Dérive: Drifting and theatricality in theatre and performance studies” –