November 13, 2019

What does it mean to be Posthuman?

April Lannigan, 21

Thinking about what it means to be human today as we are ever co-evolving with technology: Considering what it means to be posthuman in todays society. Taking a mundane object- A household vase made from clay, I explored how abstracted by technology I could transform it before it became unrecognizable and deemed unfit for purpose. This relates back to how technology is taking away jobs from humans such as self scanners in supermarkets. Smashing up technology within the work could be read as a rebellion against or rejection of the digital age. Working with the traditional material of clay and juxtaposing it with man made tech provokes conversations about our relationships with technology and nature.

What does it mean to be Posthuman, 2019Ceramicscollection of objects. Largest vase- 45cm x 22cm