DocumentaryLOST IN TRANSITION, 202016 minutes, 35 seconds

The boy in the opening of the documentary is me: 10 years old, on the Autistic Spectrum and lost in transition. With the recent completion of an HNC in Media and Communication at City of Glasgow College, I’ve turned my disabilities into abilities. During lockdown, I created this documentary exploring the educational transition process, how it impacts young people with Additional Support Needs (ASN) and how we must continue to improve it going forward. My aim was not only to discuss the topic of transition, but to delve into how much it changes a young person’s life and shape their long-term career path. There’s lot to learn from good and bad examples of transitions, not only from the young people who undergo it, but also from parents and organisations who support them. It’s vital to empower young people who are under-represented in decision-making to speak out and influence change. The current Covid-19 pandemic ensured that all young people have been involved in irregular transition experiences. Therefore, we need to consider how these changes affect young people with ASN, what can be done to mitigate any negative impacts on their transition and prevent them from becoming even more lost.