January 8, 2021

What Does It Mean To Be Empowered In A World Of Sexualization And Narrow, Unrealistic Beauty Standards?

Jillian Carol

Video/Projection/Installation.Smear Campaign No.2, 2020

The daily bombardment of hyper glamorized, hyper sexualised imagery is so accepted in our lives and our media, that we may not see it’s deep reaching effects.

Entire industries are built on our ingrained feelings of inadequacy. From birth, we reaffirm that a woman’s value is measured by her appearance and attractiveness.

We cultivate a culture of vanity and celebrity, that sells objectification under the guise of empowerment. Seeming to prey on the vulnerability of young people who equate their self worth with being wanted. How do we overcome feelings of inadequacy in a world that rewards vanity?

How do we empower and protect our youth in a world where sexualization and unrealistic beauty standards are the norm?

What is the real impact of this vanity driven popular culture on our mental well being?

This work is very close to my heart. With the Smear Campaign series, I am exploring notions of beauty and identity. Considering the many factors that impact our experience of self esteem, gender, mental health, attraction and sexuality. As well as trying to honestly observe and articulate, my own experiences, insecurities and fears.