Digital ArtThe Girl and the Dragon,

This piece is a literal and metaphorical example of bravery, rendered by someone who has never been brave. On the literal face is someone boldly standing up to a towering beast despite being small and insignificant. Metaphorically, the meaning isn’t very different. Bravery, for me is not just doing death-defying feats or putting ourselves at risk for the sake of others (although these actions are exceptionally brave). Bravery instead, is most apparent in the little things. It is getting up in the morning and making the bed, despite fearing what the day will bring. It is rolling up your sleeves and starting on that pile of dirty dishes in the sink after a long day. It is making choices, any choices in this uncertain world of unseen consequences and endless second guessing. It is allowing ourselves to be creative. To have ideas and independent thoughts. I am not brave in the traditional sense of the word but I find myself trying every day – like the 7 billion other people I know do the same. This piece, by being grossly exaggerated is therefore, my celebration of standing up and doing the next impossible task, no matter how small it is.